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 Naruto forum rpg!

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Baby Ninja
Baby Ninja

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PostSubject: Naruto forum rpg!   Wed Jul 27, 2011 9:13 pm

Hello, I'm do not are here just to take this forums peoples away! I just wanna tell everyone Naruto fans, Naruto forum rpg is here!
Me and my friend just think we can do some Naruto forum rpg with English language, and we did it! We have few other players with us, but we wanna more people, more roleplayers and more new faces over here!
That forum is just time when Naruto and Jiraiya come back to Konoha, so just when shippuuden's started. Everyone is welcome, everyone who have skill and potential to play with us! There are many, many characters available still and you can even make you're own characters! But I say, before you do anything, read our rules. Naruto forum rpg
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Naruto forum rpg!
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